Before you say “I do.” Legal advice for the same-sex couple.

Marriage license, check.  Flowers, check.  Wedding cake, check.  Venue, check. Rings, check.  Food, music and lots of family and friends, check, check, check and check. 
Meeting with lawyer, wait, what?!  Why on earth would you meet with a lawyer before the happiest day of your life? 
Same-sex couples considering saying “I do” need to be aware of what that may or may not mean in Georgia with regard to ownership interest in real and personal property.  Even with the sweeping decision from the United States Supreme Court, the marriage itself will not be the magic wand that makes all things “ours.” 

So, add one more item to your to do list.  Consult with a lawyer to discuss how to navigate the various legal intricacies in Georgia law you both may face with regard to real and personal property ownership interests even with a legal marriage.  A simple pre-nuptial, post-nuptial or merger agreement may be all that is necessary.  Taking this extra step will give you both the peace of mind that what you intended is truly as you intended – yours together. 

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