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the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc;

the act of resolving something

Mediation is a process in which a mediator helps parties negotiate their differences with an eye toward resolution and settlement. The mediator has no authority to make a decision or impose a settlement upon the parties, but instead tries to empower the parties to make the decisions themselves. The mediator does that by focusing the parties on their needs and interests rather than on their rights and positions. Although in court, the parties may be ordered to attend a mediation session, they are not required to settle their case in mediation. If the parties are unable or unwilling to settle in mediation, their case returns to the court for trial; the parties lose none of their rights to a jury trial. (Source: Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution)

Our location is the perfect place to hold your mediation.  We feature two comfortable conference rooms, a spacious accessible kitchen, free wifi for all guests and their counsel and easy access to the downtown Decatur area which features numerous restaurants for carry out or delivery service.


“Recently I had the occasion to participate as a Guardian ad Litem in a divorce mediation conducted by Denise D. VanLanduyt.  It was a particularly contentious case in which there were intervenors.  All parties to this action had different agendas and needs that needed to be patiently addressed.  Denise did a masterful job of maintaining a calm, focused environment in an extremely volatile situation. The case settled after many hours, largely due to her abilities and patience.”

– J. Diane Woods, Esq, Partner Huff, Woods and Steele

“Denise is an excellent mediator with a deep well of local knowledge for DeKalb County cases, as well as the broad-based perspective and pragmatism that comes of being a seasoned domestic law litigator.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a mediator who listens well, is respectful of both sides, and does her level best to maximize the likelihood of end-game success.”

– Sarah McCormack, Esq. Partner Kessler & Solomiany

“Denise VanLanduyt is a top shelf attorney who uses competence and compassion in helping litigants to explore solutions.”

– Jeffery M. Cleghorn, Esq. Partner Kitchens, New Cleghorn

“Denise is a fantastic mediator.  Her legal knowledge and experience as an attorney and GAL ensure that the parties will reach a resolution that works for everyone.  Denise has helped my clients resolve various complex issues in their cases which include dividing large and intricate estates and trusts and highly contested child custody and child support issues.  My clients are always impressed with Denise’s professionalism and compassion as a mediator.  I recommend Denise to all of my friends and colleagues who need a highly qualified mediator for cases involving family law issues.”

– Eileen J. Shuman, Partner Shuman and & Shuman, PC


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